RA Republic

A professional all-round brand development agency designed to help brands establish meaningful relationships with their customers through creative and meaningful experiences. We work with professionals around the world to provide world class solutions to complex entrepreneurial problems.


  • Professional brand consulting & coaching
  • Professional design & creative services
  • Business strategy & performance optimisation
  • Digital marketing & advertising
  • Digital product development
  • Creative experiences and data analysis

Club 1-2-C

An online light novel and express manga designed to entertain our fan base. Join Ricky, Fiona and Troy as they take on the world whilst leading a double life.


  • Creative real-world social content
  • Beautifully crafted light novel
  • Monthly express manga
  • Merchandise & creative digital products

R Notepad

We wanted to be able to bring together creatives and entrepreneurs through positive and meaningful content. We put together R Notepad – a place where people could submit their own wisdom and life experiences which we would turn into creative graphics and share with our ever-growing community.


  • Positive creative content
  • Affordable and creative learning material
  • Free advice and support for entrepreneurs
  • Free advice and support for creatives