Mentoring & Training

What excites me most is being able to help inspire real change in the lives of people so that they are able to live a richer, more satisfying life whilst still pursuing their dreams. Having worked as a creative entrepreneur for many years now, I understand just how difficult it can be for any creative professional or entrepreneur that is starting up, not just on a physical yet mental level. I designed these affordable mentoring sessions to allow those who that extra guidance from someone that has actively gone through the hardships that they face. I also purposely limited the intake of students to ensure that each student is able to get the time and attention they truly deserve.

What to expect?

Every student is different, therefore each plan and mentoring session is optimised and tailored to the individual and their specific needs. Each section is designed to be 40 minutes long with a 5 minute refresher.

Personal goal setting

Professional goal setting

Health & Well being

Performance tracking

Creative Training

Content creation training

Strategy development

Digital advertising advice

Mentoring Costs


Free initial consultation

£50 for one session per month

£90 for two sessions per month

£150 for four sessions per month