A Long Time Coming
Rajpal Rekhi, The Creative
26 March 2020

Welcome and thank you for checking out my personal blog. What a time to be alive, am I right? With the world going through the effects of the deadly Coronavirus and having been forced into lockdown by my local government, I thought it could not be a better time to start writing again and to document some parts of my journey for those who are interested.

Personal goals

I’ve made an active decision that from April, I will be taking my physical and mental health extremely seriously which means at least four – five home workout sessions per week coupled with active measures that will allow me to take mental breaks in between the stresses of work. I dug out an old book on calisthenics and wiped down my barely used exercise bike, so it is safe to say I am ready to pursue these goals. I will also be documenting my diet and the impact of this new protocol in this blog so be sure to check back in!

At present I’m trying to remove all simple sugars from my diet – wish me luck because I have definitely built up a little bit of a sweet tooth in recent years. My sleeping pattern is honestly all over the place more so because I am currently managing projects in different time zones, but I will be trying to get my minimum 8 hours even if it distributed through shorter naps during the day.

Hopefully this will be me after my workout sessions
Complete Calisthenics Ashley Kalym

Professional goals

As some of you may be aware, I run my very own brand development company – The Republic by Rajpal where I work with passionate and skilful business owners to build their brands up from scratch.

Recently, we opened up an initiative to help business owners that have been most impacted with this pandemic by offering them with free business support. If you are someone that needs advice on how to take you business digital then you can find out more about the project here at https://rajpal.co/covid-19-business-support/

I have also been actively making an effort to increase the amount of personal creative projects I work on. I spent most of last night polishing up on two Isaiah Rashad inspired pieces that you can view on my Instagram.

I have also spent quite some time rebranding my Club Rajpal initiative simply because it didn’t quite feel right upon launch and that there were many things about the design of the brand that I felt I could improve on. However, now more than ever I feel extremely excited and passionate about the direction we are headed in. For more information on this project feel free to visit club12c.com – Yeah, finally a brand not revolved around my own name!

Above all, so many projects are in motion, from apps, books to creative animations. I promise you all, even when I am quiet, I am working and I can’t wait to continually show you all the things that are being developed.