Free support to entrepreneurs & creatives 

Rajpal Rekhi, The Creative
26 March 2020

The level of uncertainty that the coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused to the economy has been both devastating and heart-breaking.

Having spoken to many entrepreneurs that have businesses in various industries ranging from food, retail and leisure, there is an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion in the air despite governments around the world offering their aid.

I know first-hand how mentally draining managing a company can be and how economic shocks like these can impact not only our own personal creativity but productivity within our internal teams. I genuinely wanted to help other people in any way I can so through my consultancy, I have launched a free, and I mean free consultation service for any business or entrepreneur needing support during these difficult times.

Simply book in a meeting with me or a member of my team via the form below.


In case you are wondering what exactly it is we have to offer, we can help you with things such as strategic planning, digital marketing and even coming up with alternative product solutions that you can sell online.

I’m dedicating a minimum of 25 hours per week to this service, all I ask is that you restrict your consultations to one per week, giving us the ability to speak to as many struggling entrepreneurs. You are however, welcome communicate with me via email should you need emergency or additional support post our initial consultation.

Please do get in touch if you need the support and please share this initiative to anyone that you may think could benefit from it!