Rajpal’s Notepad

Rajpal Rekhi, The Creative

1st July 2020

I’ll admit it, I started with the intention to write weekly, but for some reason I couldn’t really get into it.

I feel that the combination of the effects of lockdown and continuous project work handed to me by my clients, always meant that I would leave writing about my process on the back burner.

As I sat back and contemplated on everything that I was currently working on, I realised just how important these disciplines were. It was through this project that I could share real truths and experiences and write from a perspective which was free from perfection. I began to understand that by not sharing the full journey, I was not painting an accurate reflection around the realities of running a business and being a creative professional.

I also realised that I was missing out on a massive opportunity to inspire someone out there, to chase their dreams and to help them become a better professional irrespective of their field.

To kick the bucket of procrastination I had created, I decided to launch an Instagram account and decided to purposely keep the design of it simple. I followed the theme of a notebook, something raw and unfiltered. Where I could not only creatively express my thoughts and ideas but distil the lessons, I learn daily that help me grow into a stronger and more creative professional.

Through this project I hope to create regular quality content that helps to inspire, educate and motivate anyone that comes in contact with it. This will also be accompanied by regular blogs to keep the content fresh and interesting.

Thank you again for joining me on my journey and I hope to hear and connect with you all at some point of my journey.

Rajpal’s Notepad

By Rajpal Rekhi